Our Ayres' SI Certification Program - Overview

GSIÖ e.V. built its certification program ASI TherapyORIGINAL after the gold standard model in SI training: Dr. Ayres' original 4 month intensive training OT610 that has been offered until today at the University of Southern California (USC). 


Primary target group of the complete training are occupational therapists. Our certification program SI-TherapyORIGINAL builds upon a professional degree in a therapeutic profession: in Occupational Therapy* (OT), Physiotherapy* (PT), or Speech and Language Therapy/Pathology* (SLP). The certification process includes

  • 3 course modules (theory, assessment, intervention), each consisting of one online course sponsored by the Collaborative for Leadership in ASI®) and one onsite course (hands-on for evaluation and intervention) 
  • Supervision period 
  • Calibration.


The program can be completed within 1.5 years and should not take longer than 3 years.

Standards of the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration

Our programs in ASI® training are in line with international standards set forth by the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICE-ASI®).


  • Our course SI101 Introduction to SI meets Level 1 competencies of the ICEASI standards.
  • Our certification program meets all competencies that ICEASI requires from an "ASI Practitioner" at Level 2. 

In June 2017 the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICE-ASI®) published its minimal standards for SI training in the American OT Association's journal OT Practice. As a member of ICE-ASI® we are keeping with this standards and offering SI training that is internationally compatible and permeable. After completion of our certification program ASI® TherapyORIGINAL we award the certificate as "ASI® Practitioner" that is internationally recognized by all ICE-ASI® member countries.

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Overview of SI-THERAPY original


Hospitation means that the participant observes a therapy session and analyses it using a series of observational forms. The participant's reflection on the session demonstrates her or his understanding of SI therapy and its application to real life children. 


For international participants we offer an online opportunity for hospitation in English. Hospitation can be booked directly via our registration page.  


Supervision means discussion of cases with an instructor in a small group. We offer two modes of supervision that our international participants can choose among:


Option 1: ONLINE Supervision 

5 sessions of 1.5 hour online supervision. Supervision sessions in English are scheduled each of the month, 8pm to 9:30 pm (CET = Vienna time) with Elisabeth Soechting

Online supervision can be booked directly via our registration page. 


Option 2: Onsite Supervision (1 day per 12 participants)

Participation in at least one day of onsite supervision with a GSIÖ docent. This option is available through our international local cooperation partners. They will announce the date and take in registrations. 



  • Presentation of one case (with resaon for referral, assessment results, current questions; best with video clips)
  • Questions, discussion
  • Learning from other participants' questions and cases


Calibration was introduced to make sure that the therapist's clinical reasoning and intervention are  true to the core elements of Ayres Sensory Integration. Once a participant has completed all necessary coursework, hospitation, and supervision, s/he can undergo calibration.  


The candidate submits a 10 minute video clip plus the required background information (see submission form on this website) to GSIÖ e.V.  The participant is free to choose the session and the segment. We recommend to take a middle part of the session. It should of course be a session where the therapist applies Ayres' SI principles. 


The Submission Form needs to be completed with personal information, short and relevant background information about the child (age, medical diagnosis if applicable, problems in daily life, approximate number of therapy sessions consumed previously, 2-3 therapy goals). The participant may include a brief personal reflexion on the session, e.g. explaining why s/he used a certain strategy or what went well and what did not go according to plan and why. All texts have to be written in English.


GSIÖ forwards the submission to an independent qualified ASI®FM rater who rates the video according to the criteria developed for ASI® Fidelity Measure ratings.


If the treatment are rated as "consistent with Ayres' SI principles" the therapist receives the final certificate of the program as “Ayres' SI Practitioner”.

Certificate "ASI Practitioner"

The certificate as ASI Practitioner is valid for 5 years. Renewal of the certificates depends on continuous continuing education (CE) in Sensory Integration.

During the first 5 year period, the novice ASI practitioner has to participate in an "Advanced SI Theory" and and "Advanced SI Treatment"course. The courses are identical with SI102 and SI302 but advanced  participants are competing specific tasks and roles. 

After the first 5-year period, the therapist can choose freely which two 2-day seminar or conferences s/he attends to fulfill the the CE requirement. 


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