What is DIR®Floortime?

An interdisciplinary, person centered, relationship-based developmental approach developed by the American child psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Greenspan that focuses on helping clients/children develop socio-emotional capabilities, relationships, and interactions with the world around them. 


Since 2015 we have been cooperating with the Interdisciplinary Council of Development & Learning (ICDL) to implement their curriculum for DIR training. Our courses and instructors are recognized by ICDL. To learn more about this non-profit, please visit the ICDL website


It is noteworthy that the DIR®Floortime certification program is interdisciplinary and open for all interested parties.


SeminarInstitut offers the introductory course DIR101 in English with our instructor Dtt. Giulia Camaptelli, psychologist and instructor/ICDL. This 2 day course is approved by the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL). It is aimed at families and professionals.

DIR101 in Englisch

Introduction To The DIR®Model & Floortime Intervention


Duration: 2 days (12 hours)

Who should attend:  parents, educators, teachers, therapists, psychologists, pediatricians 

Prerequisites: none 

Instructor:  Dtt. Giulia Campatelli, psychologist, accredited DIR®Floortime instructor/ICDL.

Course Language: English

Location: SeminarInsitut, 1230 Vienna, Wiesenstadt Alt-Erlaa

Course Description:

This is an introductory course that reviews the theoretical framework, scientific evidence, and scope of application of the DIR® model in Floortime intervention. 

The DIR® Model describes the development of socio-emotional capabilities. It was developed by by the renowned American child psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Greenspan. The relationship-based intervention approach helps guide clinicians towards facilitating a comprehensive assessment and intervention plan tailored to meet the unique challenges and strengths of the child/client. The focus of the DIR® Model is centered around helping clients develop social-emotional capacities within the context of relationship as opposed to simply focusing on isolated behaviors. Floortime is the centerpiece of the model that involves the therapist providing developmentally appropriate relationship-based experiences, while considering the client’s individual differences, in order to foster social emotional development.


Training Purpose

This introductory training will introduce parents and professionals to the Developmental, Individual difference, Relationship-based (DIR®) model-an established and recognized framework to understand a child’s development that was developed .  DIR explains a child’s developmental stages, individual differences, and the role emotion and relationships have in a child’s development. The training will present an introduction to the DIR®Floortime approach, with the developmentally appropriate interactions, interventions, and practices geared to each child’s developmental profile. The DIR model is applicable for all children, teens and adults with developmental and emotional challenges. 


Learning Objectives

  • Participants successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Identify common features of autism and other challenges of relating and communicating
  • Identify the key features of relationship-based approaches
  • Explore 6 Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDCs) in the DIR® model and potential challenges that children face at each capacity
  • Understand the “I” in DIR – individual differences and how health, sensory processing, and regulatory challenges can impact a child’s development
  • Discuss key principles and basic strategies of Floortime
  • Understand the role of relationship and family in the DIR® model
  • Understand the essential role of affect as it is related to the D, the I, and the R


This is the course to begin your DIR®Floortime learning journey!


Open for parents, therapists, psychologists, and other professionals working with children with socio-emotional and interactional problems. Significantly reduced prices for parents and students*!


*) Student price requires fulltime obilgation for a professional education as therapist, psychologist or teacher/educator 


320,00 €

  • verfügbar

To continue your DIR®Floortime training in English language, please visit the ICDL website and choose among their online offers!