SI Supervision & Mentorship

SI Case Supervision is required for our ASI Practitioner Certificate but many therapists feel that they would benefit from continuing  mentorship even after they finished their SI training. We offer supervision and mentorship to all therapists, no matter how long their professional experience. Supervision helps you to

  • keep your knowledge up to date
  • challenge your clinical reasoning
  • get fresh ideas and maybe a different perspective


Supervision for the ASI Practitioner Certificate

Participants need 5 sessions where they present on full case and actively participat in the otehr sessions with questions, suggestions, ideas etc.

  • Preparation of one case including reason for referral, assessment results (sensory questionnaire, clinical observations with video clips if possible, SIPT results if possible), and intervention ; current questions; best with video clips)
  • Questions, discussion
  • Learning from other participants' questions and cases


Continuing SI Mentorship

There is no requirement for you to fulfill when you participate in a supervision session. You can participate one time, monthly, once a year - whatever your personal need is. Just sign up for an online session here!


Dates and Registration

ONLINE ASI Supervision

Supervision session can be taken as part of the ASI certificate from GSIÖ or as continuing mentorship by SI-certified therapists who already have experience in practicing OT-ASI. 

Each participant is allocated around 30 min. of time to ask and discuss their questions.

Participants must speak English or provide a translator.

Our international supervision sessions take place via zoom, every third Wednesday in the month at 8pm CET


54,00 €

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Template for Case Presentation During Supervision

Template Case Presentation
If you are participating in supervision sessions as part of our ASI certificate program, you are required to present one comprehensive case. This template assists you in putting your presentation together!
Prep Case Presentation.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 50.0 KB