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We appreciate your interest in Sensory Integration very much and hope that you'll find the right course offer in our program! Follow our short introduction to our history, mission, and instructors!




SI-SeminarInstitut has its roots in a workgroup founded in 1995 in Vienna by Austrian occupational therapists with a passion for SI. Since May 2007, the SI-SeminarInstitut is a registered enterprise (owner: Elisabeth Söchting), # FN 292116 h.


In 1996, we organized the first SI certification series sponsored by USC/WPS with  Zoe Mailloux und Susanne Smith Roley who are our mentors, instructors, and friends till today. One other SI expert with whom we have a long standing relationship since 1998 and consider an inspiring mentor, charismatic instructor, and personal friend over the years is Dr. Erna I. Blanche, professor at USC and regular instructor in our certification program. In over 15 years now, we have adapted, structured, expanded, and professionalized our program in line with the curriculum and standards set forth by the Austrian SI organization GSIÖ.




While the Austrian non-profit SI organization, GSIÖ (Society of Sensory Integration in Austria), develops the guidelines for training and practice of ASI® in Austria, SI-SeminarInstitut is the provider who implements these guidelines and offers courses. This cooperation is regulated by a formal contract which obliges the course provider to guarantee the formal and content standards for ASI-training and certification as developed by GSIÖ and accredited by the International Council For Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICE-ASI) in 2018.




Since 2018 we have been embedding the CLASI webinars M1 - M5 into our ASI certification program. Our certification program ASI THERAPYoriginal  includes courses going beyond the CLASI program, such as SI101, the introduction course, SI102 B, our on-site theory review course, and SI302, our signature hands-on treatment course where participants work with real course kids. Also Hospitation and Supervision/mentoring are integral parts of the ASI THERAPYoriginal  curriculum.



Who Is Behind SI-SeminarInstitut?

Elisabeth Soechting, M.A., OTR/L

Occupational Therapist, Psychologist


Founder and owner of SI-SeminarInstitut, fascinated by the philosophy and therapeutic relationship  reflected in Ayres' SI. Learned SI in the USA, and started to bring  Ayres' SI and world-renowned instructors to Austria in the mid 1990s. Elisabeth develops the course program of the SeminarInstitut, and teaches in all modules. 


You can reach Elisabeth directly at eso@seminarinstitut.com



Babsi Baier


Office manager of SeminarInstitut and GSIÖ  since 2007, responsible for administration and implementation of our courses.



She will answer your phone calls Mon-Thu between 9am and 2pm and reply to your voicemails or your emails.


You can reach Babsi directly at office@seminarinstitut.com.