Europe's Hub for Continuing Education in Ayres Sensory Integration®

Since 2004, SI-SeminarInstitut has been offering Ayres' SI trainings in European countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Poland, and Russia. We flexibly address local needs without abandoning our high quality standards and fidelity to Ayres' Sensory Integration (ASI®). 

SI-SeminarInstitut is a continuing education (CE) provider located in - but not limited to - Vienna, Austria. We are specialized in continuing education for Ayres' Sensory Integration (ASI®), a person-centered, evidence-based and developmentally oriented approach for occupational therapy, other professions working with children, and parents.


ASI is well grounded in an evidence base from basic research and rigorous studies of their effectiveness (randomized controlled trials, RCTs). Our courses teach solid theory as a foundation for the complex clinical reasoning that guides evaluation and intervention, and the application of theory in hands-on courses with real therapy kids. Our hybrid program combines online with onsite courses. They are focused on active learning, sensorimotor experiences, and interactive, hands-on practice. They allow for convenience and optimal outcomes.  


"Be clear in your head and eclectic with your hands."

Dr. Erna Imperatore Blanche, USC, LA, mentor and friend


Why Courses With SI-SeminarInstitut?


1.  You learn original, evidence-based approaches from experts with first-hand experience.



2.  Our modern, blended learning methods (combination of onsite and online, webinar and live online courses) leads to optimal learning results.



3.  Our hands-on courses integrate theory, practice, and your experience in action into a wholistic, effective learning experience.


4.   We are building on 20+ years of experience in organizing seminars and trainings.