Ayres' SI Certification Program

GSIÖ e.V. built its certification program ASI TherapyORIGINAL after the gold standard in SI training: Dr. Ayres' original training course OT610 at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. 


We are offering our certification program ASI TherapyORIGINAL internationally and have long standing cooperations with countries like Slovenia and Poland. (Our courses in Austria are held in German language only. International courses are held in English. The local host decides if  translation to the local language is warranted.)


Primary target group of the certification training are Occupational Therapists (OTs). Our certification program ASI TherapyORIGINAL builds upon a professional degree in a therapeutic profession: in Occupational Therapy* (OT), Physiotherapy* (PT), or Speech and Language Therapy/Pathology* (SLP).

Our program ASI TherapyORIGINAL is in line with international standards set forth by the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICE-ASI®).


  • Our course SI101 Introduction to SI meets Level 1 competencies of the ICE-ASI standards.
  • Our certification program meets all competencies that ICE-ASI requires from an "ASI Practitioner" at Level 2. 

Program Overview

We are embedding webinars developed by the COLLABORATIVE FOR LEADERSHIP IN AYRES SENSORY INTEGRATION® (CLASI). Our certification program ASI TherapyORIGINAL includes:

  • Coursework divided into 3 modules: Theory, Evaluation, and Intervention with webinars developed by the COLLABORATIVE FOR LEADERSHIP IN AYRES SENSORY INTEGRATION® (CLASI) embedded.  Each module consists of at least one CLASI webinar and one onsite course (hands-on for evaluation and intervention) 
  • Hospitation and Case Supervision 
  • Calibration.


The program finishes with the internationally recognized ASI®Practitioner Certificate.

The program can be completed within one year and should not take longer than 1.5 years.


Course Work

The courses of ASI TherapyORIGINAL are organized in three modules: Theory, Evaluation, and Intervention. The program is a hybrid program, i.e. it is a combination of online courses (webinars for self-study) and three hands-on onsite courses.


We have a formal cooperation partnership with The Collaborative For Leadership in ASI® (CLASI) in California. We are embedding 4 CLASI webinars into the certification program ASI TherapyORIGINAL


Participants take the courses through a local course organizer that formally cooperates with SI-SeminarInstitut to deliver the courses in their country. If you are interested in becoming a course organizer in your area, please contact me at eso@spielstudio.at!


Following the coursework, there are three further steps to receive the final certificate:


Hospitation in this program has the status of an exam for the intervention course. During Hospitation  participants observe and analyze 4-6 therapy sessions, completing a set of observational forms. The participants' analysis of the sessions demonstrates their understanding of ASI theory and its application to intervention. 


Participants can enroll in Hospitation after the completed all courses from Module 1 - 3, i.e., after the treatment course. International participants who have completed their course work can take the online Hospitation in English on our online learning platform teachable. Payment is taken at our online platform. Follow the link!

ASI Case Supervision

Supervision sessions offer therapists the opportunity to discuss cases from their current caseload with an instructor in a small group. 


Case Supervision Contents

  • Preparation of one case including reason for referral, assessment results (sensory questionnaire, clinical observations with video clips if possible, SIPT results if possible), and intervention ; current questions; best with video clips)
  • Questions, discussion
  • Learning from other participants' questions and cases


Case Supervision Formats


Option 1: 5 ONLINE Supervision Sessions in English

The requirement is 5 sessions  with an accredited ASI instructor. Usually, supervision takes place in groups of up to 6 participants. Per participant, we calculate 1/2 hour of time.

Each participant needs to prepare questions about theory or practice, and one comprehensive case presentation during one of the 5 sessions. Active participation by asking questions, answering the questions of other participants, coming up with interpretations, ideas, and suggestions is required for the other 4 sessions.


Elisabeth Soechting offers online case supervision sessions in English. It is recommended that participants from one cohort (course series in a country) form groups of 3-5 participants with at least one good English speaker who can help out as a translator. If there is a group with no good English speaker, the group needs to bring a translator  to the session. 


Book your session here!


Option 2: Full Day Supervision (ONSITE or LIVE ONLINE)

The local course organizer sets up a date for a one-day case supervision with a GSIÖ accredited docent (maximum of 12 participants). This day can be held in person onsite or as a day long live online meeting. The local course organizer will announce the chosen date/s to the cohort. Participants sign up through the local course organizer.



Calibration was introduced to make sure that the therapist's clinical reasoning and intervention are  true to the core elements of Ayres Sensory Integration. Once the candidate has completed all requirements (i.e., coursework, Hospitation, and Supervision), she is eligible for Calibration which takes 4 steps:

  1. Sign up for Calibration below (purchase Calibration).
  2. Prepare a  10 minute video clip of a session using the ASI approach.
  3. Submit the required background information in the Submission Form (only English).
  4. Submit the video as per instruction.

GSIÖ forwards the submission to an independent qualified ASI®FM rater who rates the video according to the criteria developed for ASI® Fidelity Measure ratings. If the treatment are rated as "consistent with Ayres' SI principles" the therapist receives the final certificate of the program as “Ayres' SI Practitioner”.



Includes rating of the video and administration fee for certificate

130,00 €

ASI® Practitioner Certificate

Your certificate will come with a badge that shows visiby that you are an ASI®practitioner. Wear your badge proudly!


The ASI®Practitioner Certificate is valid for 5 years. Renewal of the certificates depends on continuous continuing education (CE) in Sensory Integration.


During the first 5 year period, the novice ASI®Practitioner has to participate in the"Art of Therapy" workshop by Judith Abelenda. Check our Weekend Workshop page to see upcoming dates!


After the first 5-year period, the therapist can choose freely which two 2-day seminar or conferences s/he attends to fulfill the the CE requirement. 



Get involved in Ayres' SI training!

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