Workshops & Webinars


Many of the workshops we offer and taught by English native speakers. This is your chance to participate in courses with the leading ASI experts in the world!


Check out our page Weekend Workshops to see which workshops will be taught in English and to sign up!


Understanding Autism From an ASI Perspective

A Seminar From the Series "Best Practice OT"  


This onsite course by Elisabeth Soechting is available in your city upon request! If you want to organize a workshop in your country, please contact Elisabeth at! 


Date:  your choice

Duration: 2 days, with translation 3 days

Location: your city



Elisabeth Soechting, MA, OT/R, Advanced Practice Certificate "Autism Research & Intervention" from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia



minimum SI Introduction, best for therapists (OTs) with completed ASI training


Who should participate? 

Practicing OTs. We specifically recommend this course to all therapists who completed the coursework for their ASI Certificate and are in supervision period


SOS Feeding Conference 2024 in Vienna

While this conference is announced as  the "first SOS Feeding conference in German language", it is taught by Americans with simultaneous translation. This means that there won't be  delays due to translation and English speakers will be able to enjoy the course!


Save The Date: October 2-6, 2024!!


Find out more details and the opportunity to sign up at a reduced Early Bird fee at SOS Feeding Conference 2024!